Here is a little reminder of Friday vibes, and throwing out good energy as we close off another week of purpose and forward momentum. I love that there is so much energy for the SFM people (the community that I am part of, which you can be a part of too – just click here) and that there is always a sense that we are making change. Individually and collectively, working together on ourselves, our goals and truly stepping toward a better life. This to me is the essence of the process and something I deeply love.

This picture got me thinking though, as it makes me so sad that so many people live for their weekends.

To me, that’s such a waste. You know the drill – the class ‘thank god it’s Friday’ vibe. To me, there is nothing worse than this very notion, living for the weekend and wishing away your working week. Wishing away a whole bunch of time which you could be using to do something you love, with people you love. How on earth can you want to wish away 5 days of your life, every single week?! If you live for the weekend only, you are effectively giving up 71% of your life. That can’t be healthy by anyone’s measure and certainly does sound to me like a life of purpose, passion, and a life full of living your best times and chasing after those dreams!

And so I was thinking today – What do I live for? What am I striving for? Do I appreciate every day – or just the weekend?


For me, I live for the experience. I want to experience as much as possible out of this life and when I get to a shrivelled old man at the age of 90 be able to say ‘yeah, I lived it’. I sent it right out there and made it happen, and did everything I could to enjoy myself. I love the possibilities that lie in front of me and feel endlessly grateful to myself and the life I have. But I am trying to improve myself and chase my dreams because for me, chasing dreams is the ultimate experience.

I love the process of being in a good groove, getting momentum, and riding the wave of chasing something.

But at the same time, I also love switching off and taking in the moment – whether that’s kicking back with a beer or taking in a new location and traveling around the world. It’s the balance I am always trying to strike with how I spend my time and apply myself. This is the experience that I love, the experience of trying hard on myself but at the same time trying to find time to kick back and go and explore. Experiences are all around us, and so I try to focus my time and energy on that vibe, and I know when I’ve got it right because I don’t think about the fact it’s a Monday or Saturday or Sunday or whatever – I just get up every day and smile knowing that I am experiencing a good moment in life and one which I can be happy and proud of. This whole process is an experience, and so I tackle my weeks with this in mind. Experience the process of learning and growing, shove in a few adventures along the way, meet new people, grow a business, and build for the future. That, to me, is a whole set of experiences.

I do think that there is an Elephant in the room for a lot of people which just doesn’t need to be there though. This is one of two things.


Firstly, either you live for the weekend and wish away 71% of your life. You heave yourself through the working week and spend most of that time resenting how you are spending your time and what you are doing. You most probably then search for escapism: That glass of wine, unhealthy food, the never-ending supply of tv and entertainment. You are ‘switching off’ when you should be ‘switching on’. The only reason it is tiring and you feel exhausted is because you are not happy with how you are spending your time. Why? Why do you actively wish away time? Is it because you are not truly happy in your process or is it because you are not really tapped into your passions. And ask yourself: Why are you constantly trying to escape your reality? Doesn’t that scare you and make you fear for what you are doing with your life?

For me, that’s a big issue and I do my best to share my positive energy every day to try to encourage people to look beyond this way of living. By spreading some positive energy and helping others find more purpose and meaning in life is such a buzz for me personally, and I know it helps people start to really think about how they are living and whether they are truly happy in what they do.


The second I think is this unrealistic belief with a lot of people that you have to work 20 hours a day, 7 days per week in order to succeed. In other words, spend well over 90% of your life working.

I am not sure how you can enjoy your life with this set up either, and in many ways, it’s worse than just waiting for the weekend. All of these hardened ‘experts’ telling you that you need to get up at 4am and work until midnight. It is not true and quite frankly offensive to the majority of people who know that this is an unrealistic expectation on even the hardest worker in the room. In fact, this is the same ‘time slavery’ which is endemic in the normal working culture, and it is a dangerous notion to base your work around.

You see, the thing is if you have balance and flow, and you work on something that is meaningful to you and which makes you happy – you will quickly find that time flies anyway, and that you are happy to spend your precious time doing the thing you love. Time suddenly changes and you have the energy to do the things you need to. This is such a different body and soul space to be in. And this then allows you to find the balance and momentum which will be critical in maintaining your overall and long term health and happiness. I believe is important is finding that balance, and working out a groove that helps you feel productive, but yet lets you enjoy the process. Enjoy the experience of working on yourself, and have some fun along the way! And spending time on the things you truly love and creating memories and experiences with your nearest and dearest is the best way to get there.

So next time you are feeling exhausted, over-worked, un-balanced in life and in need of a change – ask yourself this: What do YOU live for? How do YOU tackle the ‘live for the weekend’ culture we live in?

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