Life is so short - Escape the corporate drag race to old age and unhappiness

Let me show you how an Online business can change your life

Simple and Free video workshop series reveal exactly how you can...

  • Start an online business with no experience or technical knowledge
  • Build an online business and income that gives you the life you truly want
  • Quit the Corporate drag race and find your true passions in life
  • Have uncapped income and lifestyle potential
  • Genuinely change your career and life with REAL training
  • Don't get stuck forever in an unfulfilling career for the rest of your life!

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Learn from some of the world's best online marketers - showing you how it is possible to start and grow an online income with no prior experience required. Make money, grow a business, change your life and unlock the phenomenal potential of the online economy.

Training at your fingertips, from anywhere you are in the world. Affiliate marketing, no problem. Scaling an online business from scratch and at pace, no problem. Earn real money whilst you learn everything you need to know to be successful online.

Scale your income, grow your customer lists, connect your brand message with real people, and build a recession-proof business with unlimited potential. Make money online with just a laptop and internet connection and never look back.

The Opportunity of a lifetime is yours for the taking...

What's to lose from spending just 90 minutes understanding the amazing opportunity in front of you? This could be the video series that changes your life, and fortunes, forever! Where will you be in 5 years from now? What action will you take NOW? It's time to invest in your future!

This video workshop series is perfect for you if you:

Want to learn how to turn your passions into a viable business

Want to escape the rat race and live life on your terms

Want to learn how to grow a successful online income

Want to learn how to sell products online

Want to take control of your life and be your own boss

Need a community, training and step by step guidance

If you're really serious about learning the skills required to make money online or start your own online business, then this could be the 90 mins that set's you on that path - you literally have nothing to lose!


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Workshop Video 1 - A lifestyle business

In the first workshop video, the SFM co-founder Stuart Ross introduces to you perhaps for the first time, what it really means to run a lifestyle business. In other words, a business that not only has unlimited earning potential but also which fits around whatever lifestyle you want it to. Stuart introduces to you the core principles of Affiliate marketing and how, if done correctly, affiliate marketing can be done anywhere, anytime, by anyone. You can literally earn whilst you sleep and better still - once it is running, it is largely a passive income stream. And the best of it is this: You can align your affiliate marketing with brands and companies which are true to your own values, dreams, and personal interests.

Video workshop 2 - Selling products online!

In video 2, Stuart dives into all of the detail you'll need to understand how to source, buy, and sell products. With 10 years of experience, Stuart will guide you on what is really involved in being able to grow and sustain a business model where you are selling products within your niche, what it means to find niche products, and why it is more than possible for ANYONE with the right knowledge, to find and sell physical products and grow a business around something you are truly passionate about. He will also explain why it is no longer necessary to worry about the complete fulfillment cycle - showing you how companies like Amazon are now taking that away to make it even easier to sell physical products online.

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Video workshop 3 - Starting your Business

Now onto the exciting stuff - In the final video, Stuart will talk to you about what it really takes to be successful online. This is where 'the rubber hits the road' and we level with you about the work that is involved. There is no success story that happens overnight - growing a business online is like anything else: it takes time, commitment, hard work, and for you to really believe in your vision. Stu will talk directly to you about the most fundamental part of the whole equation - you. Stu also shows the key steps involved in starting your online business, and finally talks around some of the extended and further training that is also on offer for you.

And if thats not enough... Another FREE workshop...


How to turn a crisis into an opportunity

So much has changed in the past 12 months - life, as we knew, is likely to never be the same again. And in some ways, this difficult time for many may serve as the 'light bulb' moment in realising that there is a MASSIVE opportunity in front of all of us. This additional FREE video workshop talks directly to the situation we have faced and why this presents a massive opportunity to all of us to change our life situation and turn this crisis, into an opportunity!