How do you exit the rat-race, find a career of meaning, and create financial and geographical freedom?


If you are reading this post, it is likely because you want to make a significant change in your life, ‘escape the rat race’ of the 9-5 and find a career of purpose and meaning. You love the idea of living your dream life, creating financial, time, and geographical freedom to do what you want and not just motoring towards retirement like a robot, wasting away in your office prison. But there is a small snag – you feel a little lost with how to do it, whether it’s possible, what it is you want to do, or what steps you need to take to get started. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to do something amazing in life, but you feel a bit stuck about getting started. I get you, and this post is for you - I wrote this to help you move forward from the fear of inaction to stepping into a place of action, change and accomplishments.

In today’s world, more and more people of all ages, circumstances, and backgrounds are realizing that traditional ways of living life are just not cutting it. Going to the same job that job you ‘fell into’, doing work you hate, no passion, no control, watching the clock and just letting time pass you by. You hate ‘living for the weekend’ just as much as you hate the feeling that time is passing by and you want to purpose your dreams and not ride the same wave like everyone else.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Now more than ever it is absolutely possible for anyone to be able to completely transform their lives and create a life of purpose and meaning whilst creating financial and geographical freedom. Even if you work full-time, have less time than you’d like, feel a little lost or even have ideas but are not sure where to begin: That’s ok, there are many people in your shoes and I am here to tell you – it is 100% possible to change your life and find purpose, meaning and the freedoms to really live life to your fullest. It is possible to create financial independence and geographical freedom so you can say goodbye to the norms and start living life on your terms. So undoubtedly when you ask yourself ‘Is it possible for a ‘normal person’ to escape the rat race?’ – the answer is a resounding, unquestionable YES!

I can tell you as a guy in his mid 30’s who felt quite lost in wanting to make a change, and as someone who didn’t really know where or how to start, and indeed someone who really hated the idea of following ‘the man’ for the next 40 years, that you can change your life. What was important to me personally was to put myself onto a path of my own choosing. I wanted something I could truly believe in, something that I could do alongside the traditional job that set me onto a path to live life on my terms, fulfilling my own dreams, finding my purpose, and ultimately escaping the trappings of normal life to do the things I love.

So how can YOU exit the ‘rat-race’ and create fulfilment and financial freedom?

First things first – realised that you CAN do this

The first issue that most people (me included) have is looking around at others, seeing successes and thinking ‘it is not possible for me’. You also see all of these get rich quick schemes that are faceless and quite frankly just simply false. You lose confidence in the help that is out there, and you don’t think you can do it. Your negative perception breeds negative thinking and that presents itself as negative action, or progress. Your belief system tells you its a no, so it becomes a no. So, the first thing to release is that every genuine success story you do see, everyone who has created their own success, is just like you. As Carl Sagan famously once said, ‘We are all made from stardust’ – and he is so right. You, just like the success story you read about, have the same opportunity and capability to be able to transform your life and follow your passions and dreams. Everyone has 24 hours in a single day. You must first realise that you can do it, you can be the success story, yes YOU! Realise this: every blog, website, amazon seller, huge brand, i.e. every success you see around you – all started with someone taking action. Those people who did I were just like you and me. You need to start by adjusting you negative beliefs to positive beliefs - start seeing the belief that you can, positive confirmation, putting the concept of yes instead of no in the front of your mind.

You must be willing to make changes

“Our greatest ability as humans is not to change the world, but to change ourselves” – Gandhi

I love this quote as it reminds me on a daily basis that it is the changes we make internally which drive the biggest change in our lives and often have the greatest impact on the world around us. Changing your life is never easy, and I think most of know this deep down.

But change is absolutely critical if you are really serious about doing something different with your life. Ask yourself this: If what you have today is a result of your habits, lifestyle, and choices then what do you expect to be different if you keep those habits, decisions and lifestyle choices? For me, this was almost the hardest part – and what I found really helped me here was surrounding myself with people to hold me to account, who were making changes like me, or who could mentor me to ensure I commit to myself and follow through. I surrounded myself with a community of individuals so that I didn’t feel alone in this journey and had help when I needed it. But make no mistake, change is the most vital part of your journey to transformation.

If you are feeling lost, directionless, and lacking in purpose and meaning in your life. Or if you just want to get away from the office job and build an income stream that lets you travel whilst earning, or you have a business idea but you haven’t started yet. Any of these require a constant: CHANGE. So, strap yourself in and embrace getting outside of your comfort zone, and putting change into action!

Realise the potential of the online economy – this is where you CAN make money

The online economy is, quite simply, endless. The boom of the internet has led to the ‘internet economy’ with a global economy of $1.5TRILLION. See – the opportunity IS THERE FOR YOU. Look- all around you – as I said there are literally millions of everyday people just like you who are taking advantage of this opportunity now. The online economy is not run by some special being’s somewhere, it is run by your next-door neighbor, your work colleague, your friends. Now it’s time for you to start to create your own slice of this endless opportunity.

So, how do you put yourself on the path to fulfilling your dreams and exiting the rat-race? What business models can work around your job? Can you make money whilst still working?

Well, if you really want to create the freedom to pursue your passions in life (whatever they are) then you should really look no further than an online business to set yourself on that course. And with that there are a few options that you have:

Personally (and this is how I started), Affiliate marketing is a great place to start. In simple terms, you are marketing the products of others and taking a commission on any sales. It is the most cost-efficient way of getting started with potentially very small barriers to entry (other than your time & commitment)

Here are some other benefits of Affiliate marketing:

  • If you don’t have a business idea, this is a great way to start out online
  • You can find literally thousands of companies to affiliate market for – and even better you can do this in an area/hobby you love.
  • You can start it around your full-time work and build a credible income alongside your existing career
  • You don’t need a business idea, and you can often leverage (for good AF programs) existing marketing tools to reach audiences and make sales
  • You will learn digital marketing skills which will serve you in whichever career you end up pursuing
  • You can learn, and earn at the same time
  • Digital marketing skills may serve as a bedrock and foundation for a future online business idea you have (after all, EVERY company needs marketing)

Let me be clear with you though, please ignore those ‘I made £1million in 1 month’ type people. Yes, it can happen to the very rare and lucky people out there. But it usually takes commitment and some hard graft along the way. But make no mistake, there is A LOT of money to be made in this niche. Better still, this provides you financial and geographical freedom when you do hit the successful heights.


Have a business idea? E-commerce may be for you

If you have a business idea and want to sell products or services, then again the online economy is the place to be. Why? Just look at the ‘death of the Highstreet’ and the costs involved in setting up a physical business with premises, rents, staffing, running costs are just too prohibitive for most of us. And with covid-19 hitting, it really lays bare the frailty of the traditional retail outlet business model. Online e-commerce is huge, and if you have an idea then it is about time to consider taking this idea online and going down this route.

And with this, it is now easier than ever to set-up an e-commerce business. Did you know that over 90% of Amazon products are sold by people like you! They do this through a process called ‘Amazon FBA’ which is ‘fulfilled by Amazon’. Opportunities like Amazon FBA will do the heavy lifting for you. They will process the payments from customers and deal with the packaging, distribution, and customer service. Your job is to set up the Amazon business, run your marketing campaigns, and get busy selling, and often you can do this with just a couple of hours per day of time investment.

Find training and a community that can help you!

As the saying goes ‘save the best until last’. And in this case, I cannot understate the importance of this last point. I had the fears that you might have: Feeling trapped in life, that you might not be able to make the changes necessary, you are not sure even what changes to make or where to start. You might also think you don’t have the skills or the time to start a new venture, online business, or training. This is exactly the feeling I had let me tell you now this is where it is CRITICAL to find help.

All of the above is great but I can guess now that you are thinking ‘but where on earth do I start?’ – and this is exactly where proper training and community support can help you. If you’re serious about making a change, you need to invest in yourself but you need to do it in something that can really and genuinely help you.

I am tired of seeing all of these faceless and quite frankly false ‘get rich’ quick schemes. You lose trust in people selling you quick fixes that fall flat and leave you dejected. But at the same time, nothing is achieved in isolation, and if you are really serious about investing in yourself then I cannot recommend enough that you find an online community who can give you the skills and support you need to start to turn these ideas and goals into real and tangible action. This is where we deal with the fear of not having the skills, feeling lost or uncertain.

Surrounding yourself with people who can help you, guide you, and give you the tools that you need to make real change in your life is vital to your future success. The last thing you want is to spend the next 12, 24, 36 months feeling in the dark and getting frustrated as you make little progress and become disheartened. The community I am part of, and the community which has genuinely changed my life and helped me on the path to my life goals and fulfillment have given me so much confidence and belief in myself and opened the door for me to put in the work required to really transform my life.

And ultimately this is where I say – this community is available to you too. You can get FREE training on how to start online and how to exit the rat-race, pursue your dreams, and create a life of your own design. Of course, you are under no obligation to click through and take the free training series but let me ask you this: What have you got to lose? If you have read this far then you clearly are serious and want to make changes in your life. And if you feel that it is not for you – then I hope that at the very least this post has given you the belief to go after it, in whichever way you choose.

It's totally free to register and receive the training, and it's totally void of all the usual hype and false promises you see online, so please don’t worry you won’t be taken for a ride!


Create Financial FREEDOM, get out of the rat race and find meaning and passion in your life now!

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