Meet Ashley, Digital entrepeneur and big dreamer!

Hello there, and look at that stupid face opposite - that's me, and it's so nice to meet you. I am so happy that you are here, reading this page and trying to figure out whether what I am showing you here is of value to you.

I'll be completely straight with you now - I am not a millionaire and you will see no big boy claims, flashy cars or stupid claims on my website. I am a normal person just like you. I have become a digital entrepreneur and I am leveraging the online opportunities in front of us all to build a new life for myself and a life that fits my personal passions and interests.

I want to add value to you by being honest and sharing my story, and sharing the tools that helped me find a route to pursue my own dream. I hope you check out my website content and it gives you some comfort, confidence or whatever it is you need to see that you, like me and thousands others, really can do life slightly differently. I have all the same fears, doubts and uncertainty as you. But through hard work, learning and the SFM community I have been able to learn amazing digital skills that have opened doors for me which I never thought possible.

Please reach out & connect as I would love to hear from & talk to you. Engaging with my audience and sharing my story and helping even one person break the mould and pursue their dreams is something I am so passionate about - so I look forward to talking to you soon!

Big love, Ash x